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Spoiler Post

Week 84 and 85 will be a large, two week event. Please read up and ask lots of questions, because this is going to be a wild ride.

This will be an F3 trip. The subjects will wake up in Abyss, part of the universe from the RP Neogenesis, which Pana has kindly offered to let us borrow for two weeks. The basic info on the location can be found here. Abyss is basically hell, with everything in decay and ruin. From the RP:

Here, the rules are named desperation and despair. The taboo level of the city, the Abyss beckons with its neon lights and painted-on smiles. Rundown, dirty, yet still possessing a sinful charm, it lures unwitting victims into its gaping chasms. Everything and anything can be bought with the right amount of money. Bodies for rent by the hour? Sure. Hiring a thug or two, or ten to beat up someone you dislike? Why not? Lives being sold and purchased? Yes, please. Legal? Illegal? Does it even matter? Those words hold no meaning here. The survival of the fittest is the only rule of this jungle.

They will only have access to the Abyss section of the city, they will not be able to move to Elysium or Terra. More detailed information will be coming out based on what the Facility crew needs, but in general, we are in the NG universe with no real changes. Collars will be black and primary weapons will be returned.

The city will be missing most it's original inhabitants, but the Facility subjects will not be alone. This will also be an open/guest event. Along with the usual crew, it will be an open event for any other characters that want to join in, even if they are not currently one of Facility's writers, including characters we already have. Yes, there is a chance your character will meet a double of themselves.  We will be particularly inviting any characters from NG to join in and stare at all of the strangers wandering around lost in their city (and wonder why they're stuck in Abyss).

If you don't want your character to meet anyone from the open part of the event, or learn about other information from their canon? Just run away from the people talking crazy and wearing collars of different colors. Characters are not required to talk to the visitors, but of course, it will be a lot more fun if you do.  We will allow writers to tag their posts with 'no open event please' if they are not comfortable with the event.

This will run for two weeks with no other experiments running.

The information post for potential guests is here.

The plotting post for an AU version of the Facility that will be appearing in this event (because we can never screw up our character's minds enough) can be found here.