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A Facility - A Pan-Fandom RPG
Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by white, one of dozens to wake up in what looks to be a crowded medical center. You've been stripped of weapons and technology, given only a PDA and a collar that seems to drain your very skills and abilities. It doesn't matter where you were, what you were doing, or how important it was. There's no way out and no way home.

Welcome to Alpha Omega station, home of The Facility.

You were chosen as a test subject by the Consortium, a mysterious group that used to oversee all comings and goings within the station, as well as the experiments inflicted upon subjects within the Facility. Unfortunately for the Consortium, their regime has been overturned by a series of bloody uprisings, forcing them to cut their losses and leave the residents of Alpha Omega to their own devices. You are now under the watchful eyes of Val, the artificial intelligence that proved invaluable during the uprisings. She has, however, continued the tradition of weekly experiments. Why? Nobody can say for sure, but you don't argue with the AI that controls the life support. What will you face? You could be dealing with nothing but icy, slippery floors once week and another you could be having to face down everything you never wanted to admit to yourself. Predictability is boring and Val is anything but.

The good news is that you're not alone. The bad news? You're not alone. There are many kinds in Facility, from raging psychopaths to the purest of hearts. From those who could lay planets bare in their wake to kids who obviously skipped gym class during school. Don't worry, everyone is equal here... more or less. No matter who you are or where you came from, you're a lab rat. A rat with no escape from this space-faring maze.

And that's only the initial information that will be presented by your fellow rats when you arrive. Soon you'll experience the incredulous nature of the robots' observations, the thrilling experience of being brought back to life after picking a fight you couldn't handle (or perhaps just getting in the way of someone too strong for you), and the creeping dread of seeing those few you have become acquainted with falling to mysterious illness before being incinerated. There's very little grave-digging done in space.

Life within the station is fairly unrestricted, but no one can escape Val's experiments, so be prepared. The hoops presented might seem strange or horrific or even just plain silly, but in the end you'll have to jump through them.

If you want to stay alive.
Sanguine Ningi
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APPLICATIONS: Open 18th - 24th | RESERVES: OPEN | LAYOUT BY [profile] the_lady_lamb | Premise by Ningi
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