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Hey, guys! Congratulations, you made it through Week Two Hundred and Nine. Welcome aboard, fresh meat.  Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Week 210 is the start of our Fourth Anniversary event: Attack of the Clones!  Thank you to all of our writers that made the last four years possible!

Yes, we are having one of our infamous IC fourth wall events.  At reset of week 210, a massive number of clones will be brought to medical.  Some will be former guests, some will be new faces, some will even be copies of guests that are still in residence.  It won’t make the slightest bit of sense, but there they will be, each one sporting a collar and seemingly a perfectly normal new arrival.  

This will be a two week event open to writers that are not members of the community.  Everyone is free to play in our sandbox!  Feel free to link people to this post since it includes the FAQ for the event.  But, being a Facility event, it will not be a happy, light hearted thing.

Please read this before bringing in a temporary/visiting character.

The first week will be a normal fourth wall event.  All visiting characters will wake up in the medical bay and will be free to roam the station for a week.  At the start of week two, the visiting characters will start to descend into madness, violently turning on everyone.  No exceptions.  Even the sweetest, gentlest of characters will be looking for blood.  They will be aware of the fact that their minds are slipping, leading to desperate struggles to stay sane and not kill friends.  By the end of week two, the visiting clones will be raving lunatics bent on killing everyone they can see.  They will all be killed by the end of that week in order to stop them, most of them by the Facility characters.

The Rules (aka how to not annoy the mods):

1.)  No Wank.  Wank will result in a writer being banned from the open event.

2.)  No Godmodding.  Ask before doing something to another person's character.

3.)  No fourth walling.  Carrying over memories from another game is fine, or knowing another character from another game, or knowing about a characters past or future.  No one is allowed to go 'you're just a cartoon I watch at home!!!!'.  That's a level of psychological break even the Facility isn't up for.  Doing this is a ban worthy offense.

4.)  Play nice.  This is going to be cracky and fun and more than a bit insane.  Play nicely in the sand box.

5.)  If a post is tagged 'no open event please', please don't tag it with a guest character.  We have given our writers the option to not be involved in this event.


What do they have?

They will have clothes and a communicator waiting under their table when they wake up in medical.  Weapons will be missing.  Collars will be on all visiting guests, nerfing their abilities enough to keep them from leaving or destroying the station.

Do they have any money?

There's no one to pay for anything, so no.

How long will this last?

Two weeks.

I'm not a member of the community, and it's moderated.  How can my character post to the network?

Each day at 12:01 am EST (or there abouts) a mod post will go up.   All guest posts to the network for that day will go under that post.  It will help keep the friends page from getting overly cluttered.  If your guest character is going to be in a log, one of the Facility writers will need to start it, or ping a mod and we'll start something for you.  If there are enough requests, there will be some standing logs for guests to participate in.

Can we blow up the station?

Being exposed to vaccum would suck for a lot of characters.  Destruction is allowed and encouraged outside of a few areas.  The greenhouse supplies oxygen for the station and has security bots to protect it.  The power station will also have restricted access and security.  Val’s control room will be sealed to anyone that doesn’t have Val’s permission to enter.  If your character is going to cause massive damage, please let the mods know so we can plan things out.

What's a damage report?  Can I post one?

A damage report is a post to the OOC community to let everyone know about some damage that has occurred.  You need to be a member of the OOC comm to post to it, so either ping a mod or ask another writer to help you out if you need to put one up.  Damage reports are highly encouraged for anything like leveling a building or anything that will affect other players.

What happens if a character dies?

Your character is dead.  If you want your character to come back, ping a mod.  It takes a couple days to bring a character back, so be prepared to have them out for a bit.  In game, a new copy will be dropped off in medical.  If they die in the second week of the event, they’re just going to stay dead.

Do we need to app for this event?  What about my OC/AU character?

No one needs to app, and it's open to OCs and AUs.  We are allowing duplicates of existing characters as well.  it's pretty much open season.

I want to come in and just screw with people.

Please don't.  If you do, we'll ask you politely to leave.  Then ban you.  This is pretendy fun times and we're giving everyone a shot to come and torture their characters in our sand box for a couple weeks.  Torture the characters, not each other.

I still have questions.

Mod contact information is on the user info for all of the communities.  Feel free to ping any of the mod staff on AIM, through PM, or drop us an e-mail.  We're here to help.

For our new writers, hello!  Welcome aboard, feel free to ask questions.  Mods can be found on both Plurk and AIM to give you any help you need.
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Acclimatizing subjects to D@0K-^%#(R ERROR: FILE CORRUPT
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Last minute, we know. But everything right now is a little crazy especially val. This is your chance to gareentee your character getting a spot light in observations. Submit today and we'll check in to make sure they get into the writing.

Truth or lies, we don't care. Just let us know what day it happened! Comments are screened to protect the guilty.


Feb. 7th, 2012 10:43 pm
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Taken List:

MOD[personal profile] skinners_boxCatie
MOD[personal profile] skinners_boxNingi
MOD[personal profile] skinners_boxAmanda
MOD[personal profile] skinners_boxDesh


MODMOD ACCOUNT ([personal profile] skinners_box)INSERTCONTACTHERE


Dec. 22nd, 2011 05:56 pm
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Testing posting formatting

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Test two completed successfully.

Final test:

Attack (Victor) and (Hermes).  Give orders to kill.
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Feel free to leave comments in regards to . . . . anything.  Concrit that needs to be forwarded to other players, concrit for the mods, concrit on the game, concrit on the Doctor (since that is practically another character).  Everything is welcome, blatant flaming will be used to roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

Anon is allowed, IP logging is off.